Husqvarna Number Plates

front side of platesHusky Numberplates with correct beading!
the black is tru black, i lightened the photo to show the beading .
click photo for close up of beadClick photo for close up. You are looking the plate back!
Sold as 3 plate sets only
Colors available are  - Husky Yellow, Husky Green, Husky Black, Husky White

out of stock sorry

weight of single number plate  - 90 grams - before packaging
3 numberplates weight - 270 grams - before packaging

Husky Number plate Bracket 
15 19 002-01 - '66-'75 Front Husky number plate bracket (#3 in fig)  -  Not Available
I need a source for the cable guide (band clamp 1/2", alum, 1/4"hole, rubber dipped band area)

Year Model plate color  notes
1966-67 250, 360  white three
68-71 250 green three
68-71 360, 400 yellow three
72-80 125/175 white three, very early 72 were black or blue
81-82 125/175 white/black one white and two black w/white inserts
72-74 250 CR/WR  green three
75-77 250 CR/WR white three
78-80 250CR green three
81-82 250 CR green/black one green and two black w/green inserts
72-75 400/450/460 CR/WR yellow three
75-77 360 CR/WR/Auto white three
78-80 360/390 CR yellow three
81-82 390/430 CR yellow/black one yellow and two black w/yellow inserts
78-80 250/390 OR/WR/Auto white three
81-82 250/430 XC/WR/Auto white/black one white and two black w/white inserts

Notes on Number plates for Husqvarna -

1) When installing a front plate on a 66-75 era Husky, do not drill the two holes on centerline. They should drilled for the bracket with the pattern enclosed with the plates. Also and most important, do not draw the front plate down tight to the steel bracket! This only pulls the plastic and bends the bracket. The correct installation requires you to draw the plate and bracket up until there is sufficient tension between the two and this usually leaves a 1/2" gap. So this means you will have to use nylock nuts, just like oem,  to avoid having this all come apart in use. On an early bike 66-70 the front brake cable was sometimes captured in this gap as a safe place for routing.

2) On 71-75 Huskys, a loose fitting, rubber coated band clamp was used as a "cable guide". It was  1/2" diameter and was to keep the front brake cable from looping around the top of the left fork leg (which it will if you do not do this) when the suspension is compressed during riding. This clamp is usually attached at the right plate mount, see my photo of the 72 400 somewhere on this site.

3) 1976 and later used front brake cable guides of steel or plastic, slid on and clamped to the left fork upper to guide this front brake cable.

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